The Balance Holistic & Clinical Massage Therapy is dedicated to your massage experience.

Our first and only priority is to our clients overall health. We strive to meet our clients’ needs in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment.

Our modern studio offers comfortable and inviting treatment rooms and a post treatment relaxation area for the most optimum experience. At The Balance Massage studio, our highly skilled and trained staff of Massage Lifestyle Coaches and Therapists use unique modalities and treatments custom designed for you. In fact we coined the phrase “Massage Lifestyle Coach” because we believe that massage isn’t simply a luxury, but an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

We offer clinical and holistic massage therapy, energy medicine, and classes that teach you clinical and holistic self-application of massage, parent and child massage, partner massage, as well as pre and post visit education for your specific set of circumstances.

Your total rejuvenation is highly important to us…

We aren’t interested in rushing you in and out the door. We offer you a peaceful place to rest post treatment so you receive as much relaxation benefit as possible. This ensures you physically absorb and integrate all the benefits of your treatment, Plus we make some pretty great tasting teas for you to sip while you relax.

You will spend your full 60 or 90 minute session on the table, so allow yourself extra time for pre and post consultation and as long as you need to absorb the full affect of your treatment in our post treatment relax area. We offer this extended time to clients to allow them to fully notice the difference after our customized therapies. We offer appointment choices of 60 minutes or 90 minutes for both holistic, clinical and energy medicine treatments.

Our clinical and holistic approach is unique.

There is nothing common about you or your specific pain or injury and there is nothing common about how we treat it.

young man having neck ache and backache making massage

Any chronic pain or injury requires a specific plan. No two injuries or chronic pain conditions are alike because no two people are alike. Sometimes where you are feeling pain, it is a result of referred pain from another area of the body. Our pre consultation will identify if this is the case with you. We evaluate closely your stance, how you move, and your range of motion to determine the most effective treatment as possible. Most important of all, we listen.

Chronic low back pain may require one or more varied techniques as part of a treatment plans: heat, myofascial release, clinical deep tissue massage, passive and active stretching. Few chronic back pain sufferers are aware that 90% of these chronic back problems are caused by constricted muscles in the inner thigh.

Tendonitis is a very common and painful problem. Upon evaluation, treatments may include one or more combinations of Clinical cross fiber friction, Orthopedic Massage, and icing.

Shoulder pain or injury.  Do you have rotor Cuff injuries? No problem. We treat shoulder pain and injuries with clinical massage techniques that have been proven to speed up recovery time; we have designed specific Rotor Cuff stretches to assist in pain reduction and increased range of motion.

Frequent Headaches or Migraine, pinched nerve in arm, pinched nerve in back, or painful jaw sufferers can find solutions using Cranio Sacral therapy. This form of treatment uses extremely gentle and subtle manipulation of bones and connective tissue to release impinged nerves and promote overall nerve and neurological health with excellent results.

woman getting a head and shoulder massage on white background

Trigger Point Therapy is used for muscles in poor condition that refer nerve pain to different, predictable areas of the body. Rejuvenating this poor muscle tissue relives pain.

Deep tissue massagewhich is area specific massage, is often misunderstood as strong pressure massage. Pressure is subjective, so as our client, you enter into a partnership where you control the pressure by feed back to your therapist.

Muscle Mechanics for constricted muscles, spasms or shortened muscles, uses applied pressure to a muscle tendon or muscle belly, while actively moving the muscle through its range of motion. This technique relaxes chronically constricted muscles.

No matter your specific need or condition, or if you simply want to give yourself the experience of total mind, body and spirit health and rejuvenation, we are ready to welcome you to our studio.

Call today to schedule your customized massage with one of our Massage Lifestyle Coach Therapists.