Our promise to you…

At the Balance Clinical and Holistic Massage Studio, your massage experience, comfort, and results are all important to us. Our mission is to honor you and your specific needs at every visit to our studio.

For starters…
Your massage experience begins with a conversation with your massage therapist.


Our massage techniques are unique because…
At The Balance, we combine modern and ancient massage techniques, all blending effortlessly with educated strokes. We combine our techniques with simple, powerful, gentle, yoga-like stretches, which your therapist will guide you through during your session, if desired, for optimal results.

Evaluation & Discussion
Upon arriving at The Balance, you will be given the opportunity to fill out a medical history intake form; the information on this form is confidential and will be discussed between you and your therapist. Your therapist will then evaluate your physical condition in relation to your treatment – muscle tests, gait, structural, postural, range of motion – these are visual observations. After this, your therapist will advise and instruct you on which is the best approach to proceed with – supine, prone, side lying or seated – and you will be given clear instructions on what is required from you to make your treatment as effective as possible.

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We use a variety of therapies based on your specific needs…
A clinical term that refers to physical observation, through touch, of temperature, muscle tone and bone position.

Clinical Swedish Massage:
At The Balance we provide therapeutic and clinical Swedish massage, also known as the distressing massage, perfect for anxiety, fibromyalgia, digestion, sleep and immune system. You will experience increased lymph flow while creating homeostasis between all the bodies systems, emotionally soothing and healing and a great spiritual practice of self care and appreciation. Clinical Swedish massage is best known for its DESTRESSING QUALITIES from smooth, flowing, gentle strokes.

Heat therapy:
Heat TherapyAs therapeutic heat soaks into tired aching muscles a physiological chain reaction begins, muscle tissue becomes soft and pliable, oxygenated blood takes much needed nutrients to the area and carries away metabolic cellular waste. Correctly applying heat therapy in proper sequence for desired results will relieve and rejuvenate specific targeted muscle groups. The psychological relief and well being experienced from heat therapy is the result of the endorphins your body releases as a direct result of clinical heat application. From our first embrace as a new born to cave dwellers making fires, our bodies have responded to and thrived on the correct application of heat. It’s just a fact that our bodies heal themselves when they are warm and cared for.

Heat therapy at The Balance is applied through specifically designed heating blankets and therapeutic sand bags. These applications also provide a healing and grounding therapeutic pressure to areas being treated. Clinically applied heat to localized and general areas of the body has a wonderfully soothing and therapeutic quality, softening connective tissues, and washing away anxiety of the mind.

Herbal Massage:
Herbs are man’s original medicine and have been used long before recorded history and date back in writings around 3000 BC. Herbs were the only forms of treatment for all sorts of conditions, until the 19th Century when scientists began to extract and modify the plants properties and chemists began making their own compounds and the use of herbs declined in its place we have pharmaceuticals.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and the application of organic herbal infused oil massages can have multiple benefits including increased circulation, especially to nerve endings, toning of the muscles and the whole physiology, calming of the nerves, lubrication of the joints, increased mental alertness, improved elimination of impurities from the body, relaxing the muscles, elevating moods, softer, smoother skin, better and deeper sleep at night.

Our Herbal Massage products are selected and blended for their very specific and potent benefits and are offered in a 60 minute or 90 minute massage session. We offer a selection of organic carrier oils such as almond, avocado, grapeseed, olive and have available a choice organic body butters to be used with the herbal infusions. See our rates page for pricing for specialty carrier oils.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy Stress & Anxiety Blend
This blend combines four plant based organic herbal infusions, including Frankincense (a resin) to reduce stress, anxiety and associated pain.

Up, Up & Away Mood & Mental Clarity Blend
Four specific organic herbal infusions chosen to elevate and assist in uplifting mood and help provide mental clarity for overworked minds.

Rose Colored Glasses Emotional Balance
There are no roses in this infusion but the idea is to bring emotional well-being to you. This blend combines six herbal infusions into one to give you a boost toward emotional balance.

Every Body Be Well Herbal Infusions
These blends are specifically designed for muscle pain, muscle fatigue, muscle tension and digestion and immune system.

Tense Muscle Tamer
Five organic herbal infusions combine to help your muscles relax and have an added benefit of assisting with bloating and digestion.

Muscle Relaxer for overworked & over used muscles
An organic blend of four infused herbs designed to relax your tired muscles.

Pain Reducer
Pain can be a life-stopper. This organic infusion blend is designed to reduce pain and with an added bonus of elevating mood.

Immune Booster
Five powerful organic herbal infusions for your improved immune system.

Please Note – We will perform an onsite skin test prior to the start of your session to ensure there is no sensitivity to the blend you’ve chosen ** contraindications may apply which include some medications, pregnancy and certain health or medical and skin conditions

Myofascial Release:
We pay very close attention to the connective tissue fascia. Binds and restrictions in our fascia restrict our range of motion and reduce circulation of blood and lymph, refer pain along nerve cells and create structural misalignments. The clinical stretches applied during myofascial release range from acute area specific to full body anatomy releases.

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Positional Release:
We cater to chronic muscle conditions. Chronic simply means that our bodies now accept this as normal. Shortened or contracted muscle tissues reduce range of motion and restrict our breath function; chronic muscle conditions also create structural misalignments. Specific pressure applied across muscle tendons while actively assisting the compromised muscle through its range of motion is uncomfortable for a short time but it yields outstanding and lasting results: muscles work in teams, prime mover and synergist act together and antagonist must relax in order for function and flow to occur. This technique involves continuous reassessment during the treatment. Results can only be kept in place in combination with an exercise plan.

Trigger point therapy:
At The Balance Massage, we know that pain can be referred from one localized area to another with no indication to the client. These pain referral patterns are caused from nerves passing through compromised connective tissues. This causes pain to be referred to other areas of the body, also known as phantom pains. Trained specialists can locate and treat these trigger point locations and relieve phantom pain.

Orthopedic massage:
At The Balance Massage, our orthopedic massage consists of a combination of evaluation, observation, palpation, heat therapy, myofascial release, positional release, trigger point therapy, energy medicine and our specific blend of Balance Massage techniques. Orthopedic massage, also known as clinical or medical massage, is our main therapy for pain control.

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Cranio Sacral Therapy:
Cranio Sacral Therapy is one of the preferred practices of osteopaths, chiropractors and massage therapists to address CNS (central nervous system) issues. Extremely gentle in nature, this technique can be administered to newborns and the frailest of seniors, however not limited to this demographic, cranio sacral therapy is practiced with all ages to address issues like vertigo and insomnia. The technique involves the manipulation of the cranio sacral fluid as it bathes the nervous system, regulating the flow of this fluid has a profound effect on all clients.

Relaxation Treatment:
Our relaxation treatment is specifically designed to address mental, emotional and physical stress. It addresses issues such as anxiety, insomnia, blood pressure and digestive problem and other stress related symptoms.

This treatment is a highly customized clinical technique integrating all-over gentle rhythmic compressions, reflexology, Ayurvedic (head, scalp and facial massage), aroma therapy, specifically designed heated gel gloves and slippers, heated neck roll, and beautifully crafted scientifically designed soundtracks to soothe your mind using specific alpha brainwaves which result in complete mental relaxation. This relaxation treatment is exclusive to our studio and is designed to retrain your mental, physical and emotional body back to its natural state of relaxation.


Our passion for teaching and providing clinical and holistic treatments is apparent to all of our clients and makes for a wonderful session. We look forward to working with you.

Contact us to speak with one of our trained specialists for your specific needs today!