Holistic Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching Services

If you feel lost, stuck in a rut or need an objective viewpoint, or you are looking for your purpose, the coaching process is designed to assist in finding new solutions and perspectives. If you feel a desire to move through your life with less stress, more energy and life/work balance, working with a coach provides you with an  accountability partner to help you achieve your goals faster. When you are in a transition it can feel scary whether it’s going into business, personal relationships or career. Having Sue Birkam in your corner helps you weather any perceived storm with grace and ease. The benefits of working with a coach are endless enabling you to live the life you desire and deserve.

SueSue Birkam, Certified Coach CUG, has been providing coaching services for the past nine years and received her training through Coach U, Inc. a worldwide coach training institution affiliated with the International Coaching Federation (regulators of the coaching industry). Sue’s coaching incorporates a holistic approach (mind, body, spirit) when the client indicates they are ready for this approach. Sue is a Reiki Master, Emotional Freedom Practitioner (EFT) Licensed in Print Strategies (a powerful assessment tool), and provides individual, group and holistic healer business coaching. She creates a partnership with clients providing objectivity, a sounding board, contextual listening (listening beyond words) and discovery questioning. Her coaching approach is to provide the space in a completely safe and confidential manner in order for her clients to explore options for a more aligned and fulfilling work/life, better relationships, health or fitness goals, career goals or transition from career to entrepreneurialism. Her experience includes working in the field of fitness, weight loss and later in the corporate world in management/director positions of a major media company. She understands the importance of self-discovery and self-development having walked this path becoming a life-change artist herself in order to become aligned with purpose. Besides a sense of humor and the ability to see the potential in everyone she meets, Sue creates a co-creation agreement with her clients in order to fully realize their goal and holds the dreams and goals close to encourage and enable them to fulfill their ultimate reality.

Sue’s goal at The Balance is to provide Holistic Coaching Services which include; training, workshops, classes, individual sessions as well as group coaching programs.

The first 30 minutes of your first coaching session is FREE!

Holistic Coaching Services: Life, Relationships, Purpose, Transitional, Health, Career

Individual Sessions                       60 Minute Session                   $85.00*
Monthly Coaching                        4-60 Minutes Sessions           $320.00**
3 Month Coaching Package        12-60 Minute Sessions           $725.00***

*The Hourly Rate for a single visit session
** The Package Rate for weekly sessions 1 month ($40.00 Savings) Paid in advance
*** The Package Rate for weekly sessions for 3 consecutive months (Savings of $295.00) Paid in advance.

Energy Practices:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)             60 min Session                       $60.00

(A proven technique using acupuncture points but instead of needles EFT uses tapping to eliminate root cause limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, stress issues, health issues, motivation, release past emotional blocks, anxiety and more with a laser-like focus on specific challenges)

Print Strategies Assessment & Debrief                                                           $150.00

(An online assessment and detailed report which is 98% accurate, describing your unconscious motivator for your life, what you seek to avoid, best self traits, shadow self traits, and alignment opportunities- a coaching debrief is included in the price and includes a one on one session)

Group Coaching Rates Available by Request – A group is considered to be made up of a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6.

Workshops, Training and Classes are available and announced on the event page within this site as well as the Facebook Page for The Balance Clinical & Holistic Massage.

You may also visit www.freedomlifecoachingcompany.com to learn more about Free Assessments, read the Life Good Blog, and to learn more about coaching.