Holistic Coaching

Stress Management, Wellbeing and Holistic Coaching Services

SueCoaching is a partnership in living in alignment, balance and well-being. When you come to a cross road in your life whether it is stress related or faced with transformational decisions that are challenging and feel difficult to make, coaching can make the difference. When you’ve exhausted all your family and friends with your story, coaching helps you to have an objective and intuitive listener, a strategic planner, and an accountability partner.

Stress is alive in almost everyone’s life on a daily basis. However, when prolonged stress begins to manifest in the form of chronic conditions such as physical pain or dis-ease in the body, that’s an imbalance in your well-being. The term we keep our issues in our tissues is related to the term stress.

Working with a certified coach in the area of stress management means learning and using tools and techniques to minimize the effects of stress, using a number of tools based on each individual’s circumstances.

Stress Management Packages

Stress Coaching packages that include Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), visualization/ breath work and massage along with individualized assessments and strategic plans help to minimize the stressors, understand how to get control of your thoughts creating the stress as well as other tools and accountability levels to bring an individual back into a sense of peace and balance. Check out the rates page to learn more or give us a call.

Life Coaching Services are also available which focus on specific or broad areas to assist in making and setting goals, assessing the obstacles and creating plans of action to move toward your goals quickly . Some clients want an objective listening partner or sounding board when faced with indecision or who need to receive encouragement and inspiration to follow a particular path in their life along with an accountability partner who will keep them on track. Visit www.freedomlifecoachingcompany.com for more information on the Life Coaching Services.

Wellbeing and Herbal Services/Consultations with herbal solutions are available at The Balance. The consultations entail a review your current lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits, digestion and other troublesome health issues and the opportunity to receive recommendations on herbal solutions that can aid in your health. This service is a two – three visit process. We do not diagnose your particular condition; instead we will make a recommendation based on a thorough health intake for specific adjustments in your lifestyle and habits to reach your specific wellbeing goals. Contact The Balance for more information.