Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is the term coined to describe the philosophy that our physical bodies are influenced by our emotional, mental and spiritual health. The same philosophy states that even the events of our daily lives can also be influenced by the health of our emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Emotional, mental and spiritual energy is commonly referred to as the energy body. Any change in the energy body has direct results in the physical body.

An energy body’s health is completely regulated by attitudes, consciously and subconsciously expressed. For lasting results, the client must be willing to release attitudes detrimental to their health. Since subconscious attitudes may be elusive and stubborn for clients to work with. A genuine commitment to personal healing is necessary for this approach to have the desired results.

Reiki healing sessions:
Reiki is an ancient and profound energy medicine technique. The technique is subtle and extremely powerful. At The Balance, Reiki sessions are typically 1 hour in duration; each session is unique and relative to the clients individual needs at the time of the session. We do not take an automated approach to any service we provide, all treatments are tailored to and/or intuitively guided to the client’s needs. The more willing a client is to release detrimental attitudes and adopt self-serving ones, the sooner they will see the results they are seeking. Reiki healings are typically done in a series to provide complete support as the client progresses along their healing journey.

At The Balance, Reiki Master teacher Aoghain will work with you at a pace that suites you. Remembering that letting go of familiar habits can be uncomfortable and that this work cannot be entered into lightly, the Reiki Master is committed to your healing and you must be too. For this reason The Balance offers the most compressive training for anyone that wants to first learn the self healing techniques of Reiki. Clients that practice the self-healing techniques of Reiki are entitled to become certified Reiki Practitioners.


Ki Loa:
All cultures have their forms of energy healing or hands-on healing. Ki Loa is the ancient Hawaiian form of energy healing. The Hawaiian form is particularly beautiful. This healing modality was performed with lomi lomi ( the traditional style of Hawaiian massage) as a preparation for adult hood. The child would receive a combination of kia loa and lomi lomi to remove every emotional, physical, mental and spiritual trauma from the child’s body, leaving them purified or reborn and ready to begin their adult phase of life. Typically kia loa treatments are multiple, entered into with the understanding that our ego can easily back slide, therefore a series is required to ensure complete passage from their unhappy state to their desired state of self love and acceptance.

Champi is a traditional Buddhist longevity practice. The higher spiritual charkas are attended to through intention infused massage techniques, an amazing longevity practice that increases spiritual awareness and intuition. Unique shoulder, neck, face, and scalp manipulations induce deep trance like and even euphoric states. These techniques eliminate stress and have been practiced by Buddhist monks for millennia.


Sound Healing:
Sound waves have been used by all ancient cultures in their healing rituals. Music in its essence manipulates the chakra system, causing the listener to enter into emotional states.

Depending on the arrangement of the notes being played, indeed music is therapy. Our chakras radiate the emotional energy of our emotions into our aura. We can energetically feel this emotional energy from each other and come into synchronicity with stronger emotional vibrations. It is through this ability to feel and come into synchronicity with vibration that sound healing is so effective. Pure tones from Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks cause our chakras to open to their full expression and create healing for the participant. When you combine this natural effect with the healing intentions of a practiced healer, the results are profound. When the participant is willing and ready to release the old limiting and destructive thought patterns, the experience is a complete and lasting holistic rejuvenation.

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