Massage antidote for stress

Massage: antidote for stress related illness.

Stress is the clinical term used to describe our body’s internal metabolic changes to stress 3remain in healthy life preserving balance with our environment. There are two stages of stress, alarm and adaptation. Our bodies have a limited supply of energy for each of these stages, the measure of this energy is known as our stress reactivity. When we are in good holistic health our stress reactivity is high, meaning that we can deal with stressors in a productive manner. It is important to note that stress is not the result of bad health or mood swings, it is the exact opposite, poor health and mood swings are the result of prolonged exposure to stressors without restoring our stress reactivity energy reserves.

Every body’s stress reactivity energy levels are different; however all of our stress reactivity levels diminish from prolonged exposure to stressors. Our survival depends on our ability to respond and adapt to stressors, therefore when our limited stress reactivity energy levels drop our body diverts energy from other body systems, the first system is usually or immune system.

stressChronic intermittent exposure to stressors like work deadlines, stimulants, emotional trauma and  even weather etc deplete our stress reactivity energy levels which in turn causes us to drain energy reserves from other body systems which is what leads directly to stress related illness.

Stressors and the severity of the stressors can be real or imagined, fear, treats to self esteem, challenge, change, Injury, illness, pain, fear, excessive intake of stimulants, environmental exposure, grief, emotional traumas are all stressors that we can make even worse in our mind if we have depleted stress reactivity energy levels. Our responses to perceived stressors are programmed from childhood into our subconscious. At our studio in Berkley we offer a five week, fully comprehensive and integrated self hypnosis learning program, identifying negative subconscious beliefs, neutralizing them and positively rewriting the script for a life we do want to experience. Self care and thrive is a habit just like self destruct and live miserably is a habit, which would you choose if you could ?

When we exhaust our stress reactivity energy levels we exhaust our  general health and mood, signs of acute stress response or alarm stress response will then occur in the event of minor stressors, in short we over react and even experience complete breakdowns.

The number prescribed antidote for stress related illness, which I believe is all illness, is relaxation, that’s right people, this is why they have beds in hospitals.

It’s the prolonged exposure to stressors which we call worrying and now accept as our normal state which does all the damage, the first signs of this damage is insomnia, restless sleep, poor digestion, over reacting or flipping out over small stuff that our society is so familiar with that it appears normal or understandable. Relaxation is the cure everybody, and massage induced relaxation is the number one holistic prescription for young woman getting a traditional massagerelaxation. The body’s response to massage is not only the rejuvenating effects of the endorphins it creates but the increased elimination of metabolic waste or stress toxicity. The energetic results of saying yes to yourself and taking physical steps to care for yourself can only be described as magical as the results will be noticed in every aspect of your life.

Stress is defined as non specific body responses that our body naturally does to preserve life and a healthy balance between you and your environment. These responses are internal with external results. These responses deplete energy reserves. If these energy reserves are not replenished through relaxation and stepping away from our stressors, mentally and physically then we will drain energy from all of our other metabolic systems. Our lifestyles of deadlines and expectations continuously depletes our life energy reserves and our lack of habitual relaxation and rejuvenation eventually leads to break down, most of our lives are spent in a state of poor maintenance, and only when we experience a full system breakdown do we look for a magic pill. The cure is in our hands, a lifestyle of regular relaxation and rejuvenation. The stressors in life will come like clockwork and regular relaxation, rejuvenation and flushing stress toxicity from our bodies is the number one clinically proven prescription. You do the math, regular massage saves you money, keeps you feeling great, optimistic, well rested and energized.

relaxedAt the balance massage studio in Berkley we have a full range of package deals that cater to recovering from stress exhaustion, controlling stress and maintaining a stress free life style. See for yourself, our clients are very happy and only getting happier.