What’s Not Working With Your Law Of Attraction Attempts

Removing the blocks to manifesting

“You can’t consciously manifest what you subconsciously don’t believe”.

“You manifest with your beliefs and your emotional energy or vibration. Everything that you

Radiant Subconscious

Radiant Subconscious

see has already been manifested”.

When you observe a situation you don’t like you accept this as the truth or nature of the universe, when in fact the bad situation you are witnessing was manifest sometime in the past through fear based belief and emotional energy. You are accepting the results of fear based manifesting as the only truth or possibility of our universe instead of accepting your amazing ability to manifest your beliefs and emotional energy as the true nature of the universe.”

Let me put it another way, when you observe the results of fear based manifesting and you accept the result as truth you cannot comprehend the possibility of manifesting a different much better new outcome.

You believe your created manifestations, usually fear based, reflect the nature of the universe, you are not realizing that your ability to manifest anything is the true nature of the universe

You believe the created is the truth not the creation process.

The process of creation or manifesting is the truth, the results are just there to physically show you the results of your specific attitudes i.e. love and fear.

“When you agree with something or someone you accept this as your reality, instead of accepting that yes, certain beliefs and emotional energy have manifested that reality, you agree that the manifest reality is the final, absolute and the only possible reality”.

You live in a participatory universe, completely capable of reflecting any belief and emotional vibration.

When a lot of people share the same beliefs they create a mass consciousness and share the same reality or dream. People who observe the mass conscious dream reality and respond emotionally to it are in fact just manifesting more of the same. When the mass conscious dream is good they feel great and when the mass conscious dream is bad they are devastated. This state of being is referred to as sleep walking, or emotionally reiki medreacting to old manifestations. Reacting to what has already been created, believing this is the truth of your reality and emotionally manifesting more of the same is referred to as being asleep. Realizing that these manifestations are just the result or reflection of an old mass conscious nightmare is called being aware.

What if I told you that visualizing an outcome, and choosing to (daydream) or focus only on positive and similar situations, real or imagined, was to be a conscious creator. That feeling good was the only objective, and with free choice you could choose any joyful scenario for your soul and physical body to experience. The emotional vibration of these thoughts would be reflected to you, by the universe, as your reality.

When everyone is asleep in a crazy nightmare the sanity of consciously choosing a good dream can seem bizarre.

“We are all manifesting our own realities. After reading books or watching DVDs like the secret Some people try to manifest consciously, and this works briefly until the novelty wears off then its straight back to manifesting their old inherited fear based subconscious beliefs.”

hypIt is very easy to pinpoint your old dysfunctional fear based subconscious beliefs, it is very easy to neutralize them and it is a pleasure to develop new pro conscious manifesting beliefs This is like detoxifying the soil of your subconscious, then returning the soil to its natural super fertile state, then planting the seeds of your manifest wish. There are many methods of manifesting, in fact there as many methods as there are people, that’s why developing your own technique with the correct principles is your only guarantee for success. I encourage your comments and questions regarding attraction principles, subconscious blocks to manifesting and look forward to responding to each one.

You live in a participatory universe, completely capable of reflecting any belief and emotional vibration.

Manifesting Unblocked is a program designed by Aoghain lakes: Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner and Phil Rosenbaum, MA Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist. it’s a 6 week program developed to identify old fear based beliefs, neutralize them and replace them with positive joyous life affirming beliefs. The course will offer attendees the opportunity to detox from old beliefs and plant the seedlings for the life they want to experience. These techniques can be used at any time and in any situation. For more information you can call 248 542 3073. We are offering a free discussion and introduction on Monday September 30 from 7:00 – 8:00 Pm where all are invited to learn more about unblocking your subconscious beliefs.

You are constantly manifesting your reality. You are manifesting long held dysfunctional subconscious beliefs.