4 Main Stress Triggers : What or who should we blame?

Number 1- Emotional Stressors: Is our society’s conditioning to blame?         

Emotional Stress

                    Emotional Stress

Stress is the term we give to our experience of stressors, so what are stressors?What causes our systems to work harder with less energy to try to maintain a healthy non-toxic environment?

 Emotions are the number one cause of stress. Our Society’s conditioning toward emotionally supporting each other has led to a society with very unhealthy habits of emotional expression. Anxiety, depression and fear are compounded by threats to self-esteem.

Touch is the oldest and most potent form of emotional support. Everybody on the planet is suffering from their own specific version of “I’m not good enough, or lack of self acceptance.”  On the other hand touch is interpreted by your physical body as “I accept you exactly as you are, right here right now.”

Pain, the second highest trigger for stress

 Stressor 5Pain from injury and disease are the second highest cause of stress. it is now widely believed that painful psychosomatic conditions such as fibromyalgia are emotionally based. Massage causes your body to release endorphins which is your body’s natural pain killer and healing hormones

Stress Trigger number 3– Toxic substances and stimulants

Excessive intake of toxins such as medication and stimulants is number Stressors 6three on the list of stressors,it’s amazing considering how tough and disease resistant indigenous people are. It really is incredible how wrong or misguided we are with regard to who we are and how we function and behave for optimal life experiences.

Massage increases circulation which flushes our our system and tissues, it also induces homeostasis which enables the body to detoxify itself naturally. Lymph massage is an excellent way to boost your immune system while helping the body to flush toxins.

Environmental exposure the fourth trigger

Environmental exposure to stressors is number four on the list. Massage increases our immune system helping us to meet daily stressors in our stride.  Number 5 and last but  not least is pathology, distress producing pathology’s are awful for those experiencing them but in general pathology only makes up a tiny fraction of a percentage of stress in our population. People with a distressing pathology have already discovered massage and have already made the massage lifestyle choice.

So there it is, we have mental stress and physical stress, most of which is a product of our society. Everyone has their own unique stress re-activity, a combination of internal responses, sometimes seemingly completely unrelated to the internal or external stressor or trigger. Conditions like hair loss and other such conditions that doctors can’t explain are attributed to this non-specific stress re-activity.We are exceptionally well designed to deal with short bursts of even extreme stressors. Just like a zebra being chased by a lion, the zebras stress re-activity, like our own stress re-activity is rapid and efficient.

If Prolonged Stress is the problem

Using Massage as Your Medicine is The Answer

Stressors 3Prolonged stress is the problem, how to recognize and deal with it is the answer. Situations of prolonged stress such as divorce or job loss can wear down our mental, emotional and physiological stress re-activity; in short we become sickly, grumpy and emotionally over reactive to even small minor stressors or triggers. Our immune system is compromised, our digestion is thwarted and our sleep pattern is affected.

Chronic intermittent exposure to mild, moderate and high stressors such as work, deadlines or exams will result in the same sickly, depressed and over reactive emotional responses. Which makes me wonder if teenagers are actually going through a “phase” or is it more likely the accumulated affects of stress?

Chronic stress, such as skipping breakfast,  a horrible commute to work, poor work environment, finances, relationships, over the years all add up to poor mental efficiency, ill health and irritability, all commonly know as good days and bad days syndrome. Good days and bad days are not how we were intended to experience life. We are designed to have upward of 98% good days.

In the previous post we wrote about mammals living 12 times their sexual maturity age, that means that living to be 144 would be something to look forward to if 98% of our day were stress free.

The remedy is literally in your hands. Massage clinically reduces stress, induces relaxation mentally, physically and emotionally. Relaxation is the cure (that’s why they have beds in hospitals.) A massage lifestyle can create the life-saving habit of relaxation.

Stress Reduction is in your hands

Stress Reduction is in your hands

We invite your comments and questions about stressors and triggers. What is your first line of defense against stress? How do you remedy stress?

Discover our relaxation treatment and give us a call to learn more about other types of massage and energy medicine that can assist in your total relaxation. Our studio is designed for your ultimate experience, in fact we are dedicated to providing you a unique experience every single time.

Did you know you were meant to live 144 years?

Your body’s amazing ability to respond to stress

stress blog 1

Stress is defined as the body’s specific and non-specific response to any demand made upon it. Your body is made up of many systems that need balance or homeostasis, an environment conducive to proper function. Stress could be described as the effort your body makes as a whole and systematically to maintain this balance, i.e. when you are cold you shiver to produce heat, when you are hot you sweat to cool down. These are your body responses to the stress of overheating and being too cold. There are a multitude of cellular and systematic adaptations and changes made every second in your body to maintain a healthy nontoxic environment.

You were designed to live to be 144 

The biggest misunderstanding about stress is not about how your body reacts to stressors but what your body’s natural state of operation is, your modus operandi. The physical and emotional state you are supposed to spend 98% of your life in, is not the lifestyle that is perpetuated in today’s modern society. If you can predict a mammal’s life expectancy by multiplying their sexual maturity by age 12, our bodies are designed to last 144 years with basic maintenance. This gives you some idea of how far removed from our natural state we are.

stress blog 3So what happens when you encounter a stressor or stress trigger? Well, first the stressor is recognized, this is the alarm stage, cortisol the body’s stress hormone is released, you get ready for fight or flight. This is an immediate reaction. The second stage is the adaptation stage, your body’s systems try to perform at a higher pace to give you a chance to get out of the stressful situation. You only have a limited amount of energy reserve for this adaptation stage and everyone’s amount is different. So your lifestyle of prolonged low, medium, stress blog 2and high stress cause your stress adaptation energy reserve to deplete. This energy reserve is essential for survival, so when it is depleted it draws energy from other systems, usually your immune or digestion. Eventually all of your circadian rhythms will be affected. It is this constant drawing of energy that eventually causes a breakdown in one of your systems, this is what the doctor is talking about when they say you have a stress related illness.

Stress is NOT a disease

So stress is not a disease rather it is a culmination of symptoms of stress, the constant drawing of energy from other systems that causes poor performance are described as ill health. This constant poor performance on low energy leads to disease. The physical and emotional effects of your body’s stress response are pervasive whenever pain, worry, prolonged discomfort and grief are present.

Would you like to know the cure for stress?

It’s not a magic pill or surgery, it’s relaxation! Relaxation is the only way your body can refill your stress adaptation energy reserve. The habit of relaxation is the only way we can avoid stress related issues in life.

stres blog 4Massage is the number one prescribed clinical treatment for stress and relaxation. Massage induces homeostasis and relaxation immediately, the habit of massage or a massage lifestyle is your number one combative and preventative medicine against stress related illness.

Have you recently been diagnosed with a stress related illness? We would love to hear about what your physician has prescribed to remedy the illness. We encourage you to leave a comment below or give us a call at 248-542-3073 to learn more about relaxation treatments.

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