Thrive or Survive: Massage & Extreme Self Care


Thriving and surviving are reflections of our subconscious attitudes, attitudes of self worth and poor opinions on life and what it should be. We don’t make our choices based on our reality; we make our reality based on our choices. Our emotions dictate our actions, but science has proven that our actions will dictate our emotions. Act happy to be happy. Thriving and surviving are both choices, surprisingly; just getting by takes way more energy than thriving.

People who thrive take good care of themselves and I am saying that people who choose to take good care of themselves will thrive. Small lifestyle changes like massage for health have a huge positive snow ball effect on every aspect of our lives.Massage Therapy, a mind, body experience

Our emotional energy creates our reality, the stories we tell ourselves create our emotional energy and we act accordingly. Acting, for example “fake it until you become it” is a proven road to success. If you physically express something you will generate the matching emotions and create that reality, this is the law of attraction.

Mohammad Ali took this a step further; he always did a power pose, arms raised above his head in triumph when he declared” I am the greatest”, and he did this before he won anything. So physical expression and physical action create physical reality. If you choose massage  as a conscious mental and physical expression of self love and acceptance the universe will read this as an” I choose to thrive” statement  and your reality will reflect this, it’s a universal law. As a result of the massage you will generate the same emotional energy as those that do thrive and like magic the universe will match your reality to your energetic vibration. If you are waiting to be a success before you take care of yourself, “spoiler alert”, it’s not going to happen. “Happiness comes before success”.

Taking care of yourself, choosing to thrive now, mimicking the life choices of those that do thrive is a guaranteed recipe for success, Certified Life Coach Sue Birkam has coached me and this is what she has to say. , “When we are not thriving we have bought into a belief system that no longer serves us and we make choices and decisions about what life “should” be based on the perceptions of these beliefs.”

When we decide to unlearn the beliefs and habits that no longer serve us only then can we re-write our new life script. Before we can explore the rooted patterns of beliefs that have driven our lives up to this point, it is fundamentally important to start with selfishly motivated self-care and cease putting others agendas before our own.hyp

If we deny ourselves self-care we have less of a chance of having the energy or the capacity to thrive and instead find ourselves in survival mode. Self-Care is essential as it is simply meeting our basic needs. When you think of self-care you may think of eating, resting, taking time for ourselves—all accurate.  In order to truly thrive instead of survive; the opportunity exists for a level of extreme self-care that you may not have considered.  This includes stress elimination not stress management,  emotional , mental and spiritual balance,  self-empowerment, setting wider boundaries, physical attention including healthy eating, exercise, regular expert massage, meditation, proper breathing, your home and work environment and significant  but often never achieved is the ability allow pleasure into our lives.  Do you Thrive?  Or are you merely surviving just to get by? . . . .